Modifications for a 89 Porsche 944 S2


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Below are planned Mods for the future....






Installed modifications:

I put these on in January 07 at the local Auto Hobby Shop.

Hyper Ground Wires are a high performance automotive ground wire tuning system that increase torque, better engine response, mileage, starting ability, and just made the engine run smoother.


This was mostly a cosmetic change but, the yellowing Coolant Expansion Tank was begging to be changed....

(notice the tank in the picture above)

Install February 07 195,800


The Washer Tank was broken near the cap, so I replaced it.

The car had big white dual wipers when I bought it

At low RPM the car sounds the same but rev it up to hear and feel the difference. Better throttle response is also what I am noticed.

February 07 195,800

The orignal steering wheel was too big and heavy. The Carbon Fiber wheel from Momo fits better.

Stopping Power, that is what I now have when four drilled out rotors and new brake pads. Also, I flushed and changed all the brake fluid at this time.


February 07 195,800


These Nology HotWires come with ground wires on each plug wire. However, there was no good location to attach them so I just cut them off. They still look good and work even better.


I also changed the Cap/Rotor, Plugs and oil at this time. February 07 195,800


Of course, the all important timing belts were changed by Dunkel, a Porsche certified mech.

February 07 195,800


Royal Purple Max-Gear was used when I had the Transmission/Diff oil change at by Dunkel.

April 07 198,325


With the Summer Tires and Rims I added colored Porsche Cest caps.
Used a K&N Oil Filter and Royal Purple 10W-40 oil, like before, when I changed the oil at 201,524 Kilometers
Rennline's rubber grip aluminum pedal covers are the ultimate interior upgrade for any performance automobile. Rennline has taken this pedal design to the next level by utilizing rubber grips that can easily be replaced if needed. Rennline pedal sets are constructed of anodized aircraft grade aluminum and all stainless steel hardware.
Used K&N Oil Filter and Royal Purple 10W-30 oil, for the winter. Oil was changed at 206,204 Kilometers 15Mar 08