At the end of September we took a trip to the Kualoa Ranch with our friends.

Ximena likes Horses....

all Horses

Horseback tours are just one of the unforgettable activities you can enjoy at beautiful Kualoa Ranch. Kualoa's horseback tours combine that special bond with horses with the most spectacular scenery on Oahu. On horseback, riders take different trails beneath the cliffs and overlooking the ocean.






See Kualoa Ranch up close and personal! Navigate your ATV through trails deep into scenic valleys and to remote areas rarely visited by others. Our ATV tours go out rain or shine - diggin' through the dirt and crossing seasonal streams are part of the fun!


We rode ATV's

Ximena took a Jeep to be able to take pictures of us

Godzilla's been here!?

After a day in Kualoa we all needed a drink! :)