Grand Prix White Honda S2000

2008 Honda S2000

Bought on May 14th 2008 (car completly stock)


I did not like the tall, skinny shifter


From Rick's got a counter sunk short shift ball


Unprotected front


Carbon Fiber front lip from Seibon (hard to see in this pic)


Stock engine bay


Hyper Ground added for the Coil overs


Stock door with key hole

Key hole covers installed all around

Airbag warning stickers ....


Covered with S2000 plates from Emerson


Stock Orange Side Markers


JDM Clear Side Makers


Installation of the Cargo Net


Cargo Net


Stock Engine Bay


Red Silicon Tubing


Stock Air Filter

K&N Air Filter (+ responsiveness, sound, and a little power)

2904 Miles


Break-in Oil replaced with Royal Purple 10W-30

Transmission oil changed

Skunk2 Magnetic Oil & Transmission Plugs replaced OEM plugs

3336 Miles 1/17/2009

Hondata IMG installed with extended studs

Mugen 68 degree Thermostat & Samco Radiator hoses

Mugen 1.3 bar Radiator Cap

4 mods you need a 10mm socket, 14mm wrench, and a friend

Ready to hit the road! :)



Stock Air Box (notice the restrictive wall)

Gutted Air Box ( + responsiveness, sound, and power according to the butt dyno)

Stock Silver Calipers

Red Painted Calipers and Rotor edge

3755 Miles 2/14/2009


Notice the Head is close to the air box

Installed a Heat Shield and added an additional ground wire


Without the cooling plate air is allowed to go up and over the radiator into the engine bay 5/2/2009

Password JDM Carbon Fiber Cooling plate forces direct air flow through the radiator and cool air into the stock air box

New Lic. Plate

Notice where I keep my magnetic racing numbers :)


Spoon developed the special taper bore to encourage "VENTURI" effect to increase the air volume and efficiency to the engine. Mid-range power , throttle response and acceleration were improved.


Spoon Venturi Throttle body

Installed 21 Aug 2009, 5900 Miles

6052 Miles


Engine oil changed, Royal Purple 10W-30

Diff oil changed, Max-Gear 75-90

Purple Ice added to the radiator coolant

J's Magnetic Diff plug replaced OEM plug


These products make my S2000 run smoother, quieter, and cooler


6237 Miles



  • VTEC point decreased from 6000 rpm to 4200 rpm

  • Rev limit 8500 rpm

  • Maximum torque gain 20 ft/lbs torque at 5800 rpm

  • Maximum power gain 23 hp at 5800 rpm

Next mod: I will get the Toda Reflash from Hondata

I am very happy Hondata released the FlashPro for the S2000

The FlashPro allows me to Reflash my own ECU any way I want! :)