Day One: Andy and I hiked up to the Base Camp 13,156 feet elevation COTOPAXI, ECUADOR 12 October 2012 Our guide showing us the trail... what trail? (17,185 feet above sea level)
The Fox seemed happy we were staying at the Base Camp! After a restless evening we started hiking at 01:00 When we reached the Glacier we straped Crampons on our boots
We also used rope and ice axes At 17,546 feet we watched the sun rise Only now could see what we had climbed up and had to go back down
Ice bridges needed to be crossed quickly and one at a time! Still above the clouds, we could see the Refugio (Base Camp)  
Leaving the Glacier we untethered and continued down   Almost back to the Refugio, Andy still could not drink his water because it had frozen, it was that cold!