Deer Hunting in Alabama 2014

The Bunk House and Boot Room where we slept and kept our boots and Guns

The 4X4 Vans with baskets and the Skinning Shed
Opening morning I shot this yearling right behind the front shoulder
Can you see the hunting stand up the hill, about 185 yards up the hill
I tried hunting from a tree stand this year :)
I shoot a nice size Doe from the ladder stand, wasted no meat on this one
Selfie in the Tree Strand
Notice the Bi-Pods that extend out to 27"
I used a rope to bring up my Backpack
On the last day I shot another Doe and went home and eat a Butter Ball Turkey with Ximena!
Browning 300 Rem Ultra Mag, VX-R 4X12X40, 190gr ABLR 91gr IMR 7828 SSC
This gun and bullet is too much for Whitetail Deer
Got this one in the right place
An elevated stand I hunting from one evening (Click to view outside)