Stuttgart , the city located between forests and vineyards, is an urban community in Southwest Germany .As the state capital of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart is not only an industrial city with world famous automobile companies and state-of-the-art science and research facilities; Stuttgart is also a cultural city that has made a name for itself through its renowned State Opera and ballet programs, and the exceptional art collections at the State Gallery and the Gallery of Stuttgart.


The elegant town of Baden-Baden , situated on the edge of the Black Forest , is the perfect place to relax and while away the hours. Recharge your batteries in the hot springs and amidst the crystal clear Black Forest air, and enjoy art and culture at its finest.



The Black Forest region is one of Germany 's most popular tourist destinations. Like Bavaria to its east, the Black Forest combines great outdoor scenery with unique local customs, products, and fare. It is also the heart of Germany 's timber and woodworking industry that generates much of the region's economy beyond tourism


Near Stuttgart , Germany in Untertürkheim within what is now DaimlerChrysler's main factory sits the Mercedes-Benz Museum . Arriving at Untertürkheim does not bring the excitement that you get nearing Maranello. There are no Mercedes-Benz flags in the shop windows nor do you see the Mercedes name bandied about, yet when you arrive at the factory gates there is no mistaking the fact that you are in the presence of some very serious automotive minds.