Troy and Ximena's Adventures in 2006
The Republic of Croatia

Split is the city in Croatia that we flew into and it is from there started our adventure.

Although the beginnings of Split are usually linked to the building of Diocletian's Palace, there is evidence that this area was inhabited as a Greek colony even earlier.

Diocletian was a Roman emperor who ruled between AD 284 and 305 and was known for his reforms and persecution of Christians. He ordered the work on the palace to begin in 293 in readiness for his retirement from politics in 305. The palace faces the sea on its south side and its walls are 170 to 200 m (570 to 700 feet) long and 15 to 20 m (50 to 70 feet) high, and it encloses an area of 38,000 m² (9½ acres).

Bol is a small town on the south of the island of Brac in the Split-Dalmatia county of Croatia, population 1,661 (2001).

Bol is renowned for its beach the Zlatni rat ("Golden horn"). It is a promontory composed mostly of pebble rock that shifts with the tidal movement.

Brac is an island in the Adratic Sea within Croatia, with an area of 396 km², making it the third largest island in the Adriatic, and thus the largest in Dalmatia. Its tallest peak, Vidova Gora, or Mount St. Vid, stands at 778 m, making it the highest island point in the Adriatic. The island has a population of 13,000, living in numerous little towns, ranging from the 'main town' Supetar, with more than 3,500 inhabitants, to Novo Selo, where only a dozen people live.

With 3700 miles of coast and over 1000 islands, there are many opportunities to engage in your favorite sport of diving in the Adriatic Sea, in the heart of Europe. The coastline, many coves, and islands of CROATIA are among the most beautiful in the world and provide idyllic settings for this sport.

The Adriatic Sea is rich in underwater landscapes, coral reefs and caves. Discover sunken ships wrecks, amazing plants and sea life, through the crystal clear blue water that is void of sharks and always calm.

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