For more than 30 years, Porsche engineers have used the "S" designation proudly. It says "this is our Super version of this Porsche sports engine." In the case of the 944 S2, it also carries the engineer's pride of being the second generation of a "Super" version. The Porsche 4 cylinder engine to employs 4 valves per cylinder. The 1989 944 S2 engine is 3.0 liters and 208 bhp, one of the most powerful naturally aspirated fours in the world.
Also in true Porsche tradition, the 944 S2 engine's impressive specifications are derived directly from Porsche's successful racing heritage. Maximum torque of 207 lb-ft is reached at 4100 rpm; the engine's 208 bhp maximum power is achieved at 5800 rpm with the redline at 6500 rpm. The suspension, transmission, competition tested four-piston brake system with ram air cooling, shock absorbers and stabilizers are borrowed directly from the famed 944 Turbo.